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Friday, June 5, 2009

So What If I Have Peanuts

I was coming up the escalator at Penn Station when I thought about how my father used to say that I had peanuts in my head. I was beginning to think he was right since none of my new ideas for my coaching practice seemed to be working. One of my ideas was to start a blog which would definitely fit into my father's idea of peanuts. I was sad. I know my clients benefit from coaching and I get excited about my future plans to do the work and make it into a viable business. When I reached the top of the escalator a young man reached into a big blue bag and handed me a free Planters Peanut Big Nut Bar. There was a promotion going on for their new chewy triple nut granola snack. Just as I was about to give up, there were the peanuts and here is my blog. Maybe it's a good thing to follow something my father would ridicule. The traditional stuff doesn't seem to be working anyway. I took it as a sign to continue believing in my ideas. I opened the candy bar and took a big bite. Boy, was it good!


  1. YES, I love this story! It is me one of your first unofficial clients. Boy were you right about my career. I am thankful for it every day. Follow your passion the signs are all leading you to do what you love. You are the best career coach ever! You are wise beyond your years and very in tune with the small things that make up who we are. This enables you to see past the things that are right in front of your eyes and into peoples souls. Never give up that would be NUTS!

  2. I will always remember that you were my first client. We had fun doing it and I am glad it worked for you. It inspires me that you applied what transpired in the sessions and have carved out a great life.